Caterpillar Removable Or Fixed Mesh Vandal Guards

Earth moving equipment and excavators serve as the muscles and backbone of countless industries and economies, weathering some of the toughest working conditions. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are not immune to breakdowns or acts of vandalism.  you can prevent damage costs, lower insurance costs and save money with mesh vandal guards.

The driver’s compartment in particular, is the most vulnerable spot among these machineries, being made out of glass. Flying debris or even those thrown by mischievous outsiders can damage heavy machinery, causing breakdowns which in turn can hamper operations at the job site.

Protection measures in a job site can vary from company to company and from one job site to another. As most job sites are virtually unmanned during the night time, this can leave them vulnerable to intruders. Companies can install security equipment or hire security guards. However, installing vandal guards can prove to be a simple yet cost-effective measure that can deter even some of the most determined thieves and vandals.

That is why many construction and mining firms install mesh vandal guards onto the cabins and engine compartments of their track dozers, excavators, graders and rollers. Vandal covers are made from various materials including aluminium, flat bar, solid steel, solid plastic and punched, welded or woven mesh.

Mesh Vandal Guards

The advantage of mesh vandal covers over other types of vandal guards is that they provide a greater amount of visibility for the machine operator. These security covers are designed and manufactured to fit a particular model from a manufacturer. They can be installed by using patented buttons, hinges, padlockable over-centre catches or even brackets. They are also easily removable. It takes minor welding and drilling to install these covers, eliminating the risk of corrosion.

Apart from preventing and protecting against physical damage, vandal covers also offers other benefits. These include the prevention of breakdowns, minimisation of downtime in the job site and insurance costs. In addition to these, vandal covers allows mining and construction firms to comply with the warranty policies of the manufacturers of earth moving equipment.