Vandal Covers

Vandal covers are an ideal protective measure for earth moving machinery. They function as an enclosure to safely house operators, protect machinery controls from vandals, and can withstand all sorts of environmental elements like dust, rain or snow.

Protect Your Earth Moving Machinery From The Elements And Unmonitored Activities With Vandal Covers

Investing in vandal covers:

  • ensures that your heavy machinery is kept in working condition
  • extends the “shelf life” of these expensive machines
  • and gives you the opportunity to maximise your return on investment

We design and manufacture vandal covers for a large range of earth moving machinery and can build custom kits for the following machine types:


We have been manufacturing vandal kits and custom covers for over 35 years and are recognised as the experts for the Caterpillar brand. We stock kits for most Caterpillar earth moving machines and excavators and can have them ready to fit within 24 hours.

Custom Vandal Covers

We can design vandal covers to meet your needs with solid guards, mesh guards or a combination of both.

We can design, manufacture and install:

  • easy fitting and removable vandal covers – in light weight 3mm aluminium.
  • permanent vandal guards bolted on and fixed with tamper-proof screws
  • custom punched mesh panels.

Our vandal covers are an economical and practical investment to make sure that even the most persistent vandals do not get easy access to your machinery. Don’t allow construction work and the operations of your business to be derailed from vandal attacks. Contact us today and we can help you protect your workers and machines.